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Environmental Policy

Basic Environmental Policy
“Proactively promote conservation activities for the global environment with all employees recognizing that protection of the global environment is a mission of the company.”
Basic Environmental Policy
(1)Establish environmental systems and determine purposes and targets, strive to continuously improve them,
 and as the need arises, reexamine them.
(2)Proactively strive to prevent environmental pollution by observing the related environmental laws and regulations, bylaws,
 agreements, other requirements, etc.
(3)Commit to the following in business activities as themes for environmentally friendly action:
 1) Energy conservation in production activities.
 2) Saving resources of materials reduction.
 3) Streamlining of logistics activities.
(4)Disseminate information to people working at our company, and at the same time, encourage suppliers to cooperate.
(5)Proactively strive to communicate with the public through disclosure of our environmental policy
 and participation in environmental improvement activities in the community.

April 1, 2016
Takagi Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Masato Asai, Managing Director


Activity areas

Environmental policy/action

Medium-to-long term aim achieved in 2018

Details of activities/targets

Energy conservation

conservation in

・Reduce CO2 emissions by 4% compared with 2013

・Reduction of standby electricity
・Optimum arrangement of electric lights
・Eradication of air leaks

Saving resources

Saving resources of materials reduction

・Improving the differences between the theory and true yield rate of steel materials for product by 1.7% compared with 2013

「Improvement in the yield rate for product」
・Increasing to apply machinery for rationalization of production to new products
・Making a suggestion to improve in the yield rate at the product design stage
・Preventing any errors in each phase of production process

・Reduce the amount of pressing oil by 8% compared with 2013

「Reduction of pressing oil」
・Reconsideration of the pressing oil consumption for the mass production and development the equipment applying the proper amounts of pressing oil
・Continuation of the trial process using less pressing oil for new products


Reduction and recycling of waste

・Reduce the amount of waste by 6% compared with 2013

「Ruduce the amount of waste」
・Repair and reuse damaged wood pallets and expansion of using resinous pallets
・Reduce the quantities of papers with oil through reconsidering papers used in product boxes
・Improve survice life of machine oil

・Continuation of the zero-emission (Cut down direct our landfill waste and final disposal landfill waste to zero)

・Continuation of watching