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Over 120 years have passed since our founding as a metal mesh manufacturer.
We have dealt with various assembly-related products including hose clamps and have pursued supply of more alluring and original products to top manufacturers in the Japanese automotive industry, including Toyota Motor Corporation. Through the years, we have been supported by
many FANs who have valued and supported our products,
our FRESH ideas and technical skill,
the FIGHTING SPIRIT of all the people who work here, and the FRONTIER SPIRIT of looking at new things and a new world all the time.
In a society that is increasingly changing and with the support of these four Fs, we will continue to

  1. 1. drive technological development and strengthen the originality of production technology;
  2. 2. supply high quality products through establishment of strict quality control systems; and
  3. 3. develop robust human resources that take responsibility for the next generation through creation of workplaces that improve the job satisfaction of workers and creation of a worthwhile company.

With these as our goals, we are striving to become a development-focused organization. Please follow our development into the Takagi of the future.

Yasuaki Teramachi, President